Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mood board.

This is our mood board that we done in class it is what we would like our music video to have in it, our music video needs to be very colourful and work well with the music and be very very bold and brass. That means that we have to a lot of different stuff to other music videos.

Images of possible shoots for night club scene.

Today we looked at the possible place were we could shoot out night club scene because obviously we are not going to be able to get into a club and there is not really a possibility they will let us film in there anyway, so we was thinking of going in here and then we will put up some lights but the good thing about this room is as you can see it is all black so that means we can just film in one conner and don't have to use the whole room. But this is just one of our ideas.

Thursday, 30 September 2010


Describe what a didgipack is?

  • Economical way of a company making an album in a different way.
  • A new format of a CD packaging made from card, It holds different parts of the lyrics and will have special features and DVD.
What are the codes and conventions?

  • Visuals are key to the production, includes images of the artist/band, shit from concert and instruments.
  • Band and artist name and album title; making the brand easily identify. Can be included along the spine and on the main cover.
  • List of all the songs on the back.
  • Basic information on the band and all the background information.
  • Reviews from newspapers and magazines.
Why would you record label choose to release a didgipack instead of a CD?

  • Many reasons why, but u think the main thing is that is is cheaper for them to produce.
Are there added benefits for the consumer when buying it?

  • People would rather buy it because there is more things in there like more tracks and a DVD and maybe special features that you cant get on a normal CD.


Music Video Brief.

You have been asked to devise and make a promotional music videos for the new act detailed below. As a new act, the record label is keen that this first release appeal to a wide audience and establish an image that is both recognisable unique and appealing to that target audience. With this in mind, their first releases. The record label is happy for this release to be any of the three songs listed below and would like you to choose whichever one you can make a dynamic promo for; as the key thing is to get them exposed.


magma (real name Jack Mitchell) is a 25 year old, DJ from milton keynes who started out working local clubs and making demo tapes for local wannabes. He moved to london at 19 and then went to the home of dance music - ibiza. He went made a name for himself on the mixing decks and has featured on various artist to produce his new album as he is now signed to an affiliate of sony BMG.

Sound: Dance/House
Ideology: Party all night, Sleep all day
Influences: Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, Delerium, Tiesto.
Likes: Sun, Clubbing, Keeping things chilled, The ladies.
Dislikes: Early mornings, Being in the limelight, Cheesy pop.

Song Choices:
1. Dreamer (livin joy)
2. Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Chemical Brothers)
3. Silence (Deleriuam feat. Sarah Mcloughlan)